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Welcome to the Friend and Grant blog area.  Here you will find all the latest news, views and helpful guides in relation to accountancy, taxation and running a business.  We hope you find the information we post interesting.  Give us a call if you’d like to discuss how we can help you and your business.

22nd May 2020
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Who should I use for probate – a solicitor or an accountant?

If you’ve been wondering whether you should use a solicitor or accountant to help with probate services and estate administration our blog compares the respective merits of each.

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20th May 2020
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Did you know we offer virtual training for your Cloud Accountancy System?

We understand that the majority of businesses are operating differently. Our virtual approach to providing you with support and training on cloud accounting solutions means that your finance function does not have to stop.

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18th May 2020
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How much does it cost to get a grant of probate?

If you’ve been wondering what it costs for a professional firm to help with probate services and estate administration our blog aims to give you some clarity over what you will be expected to pay.

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14th May 2020
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What is the Coronavirus Future Fund?

The Government has announced a new scheme to issue convertible loans to innovative companies which are facing financing difficulties due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

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13th May 2020
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Is it a good idea to claim for the Coronavirus Business Support? A word of caution…

There are a few technicalities that businesses should be aware of when they are taking advantage of any Coronavirus Business Support.

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7th May 2020
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My income has gone down because of Covid-19 – Should I reinstate my child benefit claim?

Over the last few years many people have cancelled their child benefit payments because their income levels have meant they would otherwise need to pay back the benefit claimed in full through their self assessment Tax Return. However with the current crisis this may need a rethink.

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6th May 2020
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Coronavirus – Is there any help for those not paying business rates?

The Government has announced an improvement to the grants that are currently available for small businesses.

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30th Apr 2020

The common mistakes with furloughing

The portal went live on Monday 20th April and has proven fairly easy to use. The big problem has been the calculations, with HMRC changing the rules and issuing new guidance at 5pm on Friday 17th April!

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30th Apr 2020

What is my breakeven turnover?

The current crisis has highlighted to many business owners how precarious business really is. Many businesses have suffered. Now is the time to start rebuilding and one of the first things to do is determine your break even point.

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