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Welcome to the Friend and Grant blog area.  Here you will find all the latest news, views and helpful guides in relation to accountancy, taxation and running a business.  We hope you find the information we post interesting.  Give us a call if you’d like to discuss how we can help you and your business.

15th Mar 2022
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What tax will I need to pay on my property sale?

Our client bank consists of many different types of property owner: those that buy property as a place to live, those that buy for investment purposes, those that through circumstances become accidental landlords, those that choose to make a living through buying, developing and selling property. What they all have in common is that at some stage they will contemplate selling their property and at that stage they will usually start to consider the tax implications.

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10th Mar 2022
£20 notes

Are you claiming the full pension relief on your employment income?

Payments made into a pension scheme qualify for a very valuable tax relief at your top rate of income tax. Not only will the monies in the pension fund be available to provide you with an annual income for your retirement but the fund itself falls outside your estate for inheritance tax purposes and is usually available to pass to your family on death.

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11th Feb 2022

Our top ten tips for landlords

Becoming a landlord, particularly if you are planning to manage the letting yourself, can be daunting. The legalities are complex, finding the right tenants is not easy, things do go wrong and it is easy to underestimate how much time you’ll need to spend on one property let alone a portfolio!

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28th Feb 2022

Don’t ignore health and safety compliance- £.2.5m of fines in December 2021 alone!

The pandemic has had a dramatic effect on all our lives over the last two years. Businesses have had to adapt quickly to a changing environment. One area that may have been overlooked is the need to review your health and safety compliance.

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21st Jan 2022
houses by lake

Is property still a good investment?

Owning your own property is part of the culture in the UK with over 65.1% of houses owned by the households in 2019. Surprisingly, whilst we are ahead of countries like Germany and France, most European countries have extremely high levels of ownership (Italy 72.3%, Greece 75.4%, Poland 84.2%). So why the disparity? In simple terms the reason is the property rental market. In 2020 the share of households occupied by private renters hit 18.7%, so around 4.44 million households were privately rented in England in 2020.

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10th Jan 2022
three women sitting at table

Building a great remuneration package for your team

There was a time when what salary you paid a team member was the only reward a business owner or company director had to think about when remunerating their team. However those days have long gone and most small business owners now have to view the whole package in order to attract and keep their best team members.

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7th Jan 2022
marketing strategy

How to avoid the most common marketing trap!

As a small business owner for almost 30 years I have first hand experience of falling into what is probably the biggest trap for growing a business- taking on anything and everything! It was very much a scatter gun approach with the hope of catching something. Anything in fact! As long as they paid!!!

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10th Dec 2021
green leaf

Frustrated with the lack of business growth?

Over 80% of business owners run businesses which provides them with a level of earnings which in honesty they could get or exceed if they were employed. Of the remainder the majority are earning good profits but still working long hours and invariably feel trapped in their businesses. Only a few business owners have created what I would call the dream business.

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29th Oct 2021
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The 2021 budget- how does it impact you?

Every year we sit with baited breath waiting to see what is in store for businesses and individuals from a tax perspective. Were we in for some surprises? Was there going to be a radical overhaul of the tax system particularly in respect of capital gains tax and inheritance tax?

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