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Growing Businesses

Looking to grow your business?

Whatever the stage in your business life, for most, business growth is key.

Most business owners dream about growing their own successful business which will provide them with the trappings of success; financial security, the prestige, the luxury holidays and possessions and the time to enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

Unfortunately for most small business owners the opposite is true. Long hours are the norm and for many profits are disappointing. This is despite the fact that turnover has gone up and the feeling that you couldn’t work any harder if you tried.

So what is going wrong?

The simple answer is that most business owners struggle to build a business which is firstly profitable and secondly sustainable- ie that the profits are there year after year and without a huge effort by the business owner.

In the video below we look at the three key components which can lead to a successful business:

  • Uniqueness- what is it about your business which will make businesses and individuals buy from you?
  • Demand- have you identified your target market and is it big enough to make your business a success?
  • Systems- this isn’t just about the software or  systems of how you to do the work but building systems which avoids the trap of you having to work significant hours in the business. Can your business operate on a day to day basis without you?


If any of the above resonates with you then we believe we might be the right accountants for you.

If you are simply  looking for someone to simply deliver a quality accounting and compliance service  then yes we can do this but the real value you will get from us will be the strong working relationship we will build with you to help you grow your business.

We have a raft of services we can offer you to help you grow your business dependent on how much you wish to invest in growth and how quickly you wish to grow your business. Here is a list of some of the items we can work on with you to really grow your business:

  • Getting your mindset right. Business growth is about building a real business not a job.
  • Defining your goals and creating a vision of the business you want.
  • Creating a step by step business/ strategic plan of how to achieve your goals and your ideal business. We can also assist you with budgets and cashflow forecasts.
  • We can put the systems in place to monitor your progress- we’re cloud accounting expertsSageQuickbooks, and  Xero Accounting.
  • We can assist you with raising additional finance  for expansion and new projects.
  • We can fill a quasi finance director role with regular meetings to review progress and help amend your business plan as and when required.
  • We’ll advise you how to reduce the tax burden, making sure you pay the legal minimum and keep more of your hard earned profits to reinvest in the business or take for private use.
  • We’ll work with you to identify and minimise the risks in your business.
  • We’ll help you to plan for the future and protect your family through pension planning and protection. We provide generic advice and through our approved list of consultants can put you in touch with an expert to work with you and your family.
  • We can give you first hand practical advice to help grow your business.

Why not also check out our business growth video program where we have a selection of our videos there to help you grow your business.

Also please check out our popular publication; 57 Ways to Grow a Business which is available as a free download.

As the American millionaire James Cash Penney (founder of JCPenney, the US department store chain) said business “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together”.

We’ll explain all of this in our initial discovery meeting and through our clear proposal system. Our monthly fixed fee, agreed at the outset, includes free support calls and emails, and helps your cash flow. All bespoke one-off work is agreed in advance.

As you continue your business journey, selecting a highly qualified firm of accountantsbusiness advisors and tax experts is crucial to your success. Our 60 minute Discovery Meeting, which shows how we can make your dreams come true, is free of charge. Just call us on 01634 731390 to arrange a meeting.

Mark Devaney
Effective Web Solutions Rochester, Kent

Starting out in business can be a very daunting prospect as you enter the world of tax and employment law, as well as having to learn to undertake roles required in business, book keeping, management, marketing and sales etc.  This is where I believe Friend & Grant Ltd differ from other accountants.

Any accountant can balance your books and submit your accounts however Friend and Grant do much more than that.  Over the past 13 years Mark and his staff have helped me expand my simple service company into multiple Limited Companies selling internationally, employing a range of staff and owning our own property.

Friend & Grant Ltd is a modern, forward thinking and progressive company and is much more than just a firm of accountants.  Their friendly and approachable staff are always my first port of call when I need any business advice and I trust them completely to manage my financial affairs in a 100% professional and tax efficient way.  I have no hesitation in recommending the services and staff of Friend & Grant Ltd to any business.  They have taken the time to understand my business and provide me with professional and knowledgeable service whenever I need it.



Create a Cabin
Sebastien Dont

I meant to thank you for last management session and for the books you gave me especially ‘They Ask You Answer’ by Marcus Sheridan.

As you know, I was mostly interested in our website and its management. We did not get enough enquiries and SEO felt like we were pouring money in a bottomless pit.

Your session and the lecture of the related chapter of the book sparked a major brain storming session and exchanges with my SEO guy. We made lots of changes to the website, moving away from Agriculture to concentrate on the Buildings. Changes include text, keywords …. and we introduced a chat line for quick questions and answers with visitors.

The chatline is visible part of the iceberg.

We also made major changes to our Google Adwords Campaign.

And it worked.

In the space of 6 weeks we have 4 times the number of enquiries. The enquiries are a lot more relevant and have lead to much quicker sales.

All thanks to Mark’s management session.

Our 3 step risk-free guarantee puts your mind at rest and keeps us on our toes!

byrant house at night office

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Are you hungry for success? If you run a small to medium size business and you want to grow your sales, increase profitability and pay less tax then you have come to the right place.