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21st March 2022

Get your oar out! A key business lesson to help grow your business

Having run an accountancy practice for almost 30 years I have had the good fortune to meet literally thousands of business owners. Many have created great companies but many others have unfortunately failed. Reasons given for failure are numerous. Many are genuine such as Covid or an unforeseen bad debt resulting in severe cashflow problems. Most however are due to a basic misunderstanding of what is required to create a successful business.

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11th February 2022

Our top ten tips for landlords

Becoming a landlord, particularly if you are planning to manage the letting yourself, can be daunting. The legalities are complex, finding the right tenants is not easy, things do go wrong and it is easy to underestimate how much time you’ll need to spend on one property let alone a portfolio!

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21st January 2022
houses by lake

Is property still a good investment?

Owning your own property is part of the culture in the UK with over 65.1% of houses owned by the households in 2019. Surprisingly, whilst we are ahead of countries like Germany and France, most European countries have extremely high levels of ownership (Italy 72.3%, Greece 75.4%, Poland 84.2%). So why the disparity? In simple terms the reason is the property rental market. In 2020 the share of households occupied by private renters hit 18.7%, so around 4.44 million households were privately rented in England in 2020.

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13th April 2021
woman in black and white clothes

Wealth creation - The importance of a strong defence! (Part 1)

This is the first of a two part series of blogs on the topic of wealth creation. In this first blog I will be looking at how wealth is perceived in society and how you can measure your own wealth.

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5th March 2021
building to represent building a marketing function

VAT domestic reverse charge- chaos for the construction industry.

The long delayed VAT Domestic Reverse Charge for the Construction Industry was finally introduced on 1st March 2021.

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19th August 2020
House renovation decorating

Property owners can benefit from the Green Homes Grant – but what is it?

If you're looking to make energy-efficient improvements, these grants may help!

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10th July 2020
lego electrician inspectiong a circuitboard

Urgent! Landlords make sure you don't fall foul of new electrical safety standards

As of the 1 July 2020 landlords of private rented accommodation are now required to have their electrics and wiring inspected and tested every 5 years by a qualified, competent professional. This is called an Electrical Installation Condition Report.

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3rd July 2020
person holding grinder with sparks

Warning! Doing works on a property? You might need to operate a Construction Industry (CIS) scheme.

The construction industry scheme is designed to stop tax on invoices raised by the self employed or limited companies (called subcontractors) who provide labour within the construction industry to businesses which are also within the construction industry (called contractors).

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15th April 2020
trees by house

Are you using the best software for your property rental business?

Working in the property industry can be a minefield with all the various accounting regulations that need to be followed. This can be made easier with a good record keeping system that works for your business and keeps you compliant!

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3rd April 2020
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How can I reduce the rent on my commercial premises?

Recent events are putting considerable strain on businesses which rent leasehold premises so what options do you have? We believe that it is in the tenant and the landlord’s interest to work together to come up with a solution which in the long run will benefit both parties.

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27th March 2020
nighttime in suburbs with stary sky

What Measures is the Government Taking to help the Rental Sector?

The impact of Covid19 could adversely affect both tenants and landlords. We examine what help the government is giving to both of these groups of individuals.

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23rd March 2020
man holding mug in front of laptop at night

Coronavirus – Help for the Self-Employed

The Chancellor has set out a package of temporary, timely and targeted measures to support businesses through this period of disruption. Regrettably for most of the self-employed there is little help.

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5th March 2020
countryside property

Radical Changes to Tax Payment Date for Residential Property Disposals

With effect from 6 April 2020, a new tax payment regime will be introduced for the disposal of residential property in the UK by individuals. Here’s what you need to know.

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20th October 2019
new property

Should I Put My Buy To Let into a Limited Company?

We're often asked whether to purchase a buy to let property personally or via a limited company. Read our detailed advice to help you understand the up-and down-sides of each option. Everyone’s circumstances are different; the pros and cons must be weighed up on a case by case basis.

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6th September 2019
Landlord handing over keys

Planning for Changes to Taxation of Landlords

HMRC really seem to have had it in for landlords in recent years. For some it will be worthwhile to restructure their affairs in order to minimise the impact of recent legislation changes.

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7th February 2019
semi detatched houses

The Let Property Campaign & Undeclared Rental Profits

We have recently taken on a number of new clients who have undeclared rental income. Often these individuals have received prompted letters from HM Revenue & Customs’ Let Property Campaign department. HMRC have access to all land registry documents and a sophisticated computer system that can identify taxpayers who own multiple properties.

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22nd October 2018
House in countryside

Residence Nil Rate Band - Don't Waste This Valuable Tax Relief

From April 2017 HMRC began phasing in the ‘residence nil rate band’ which could mean large savings on inheritance tax bills for future generations. From 6 April 2020 it’s worth £70,000 per estate – so a whopping £140,000 of tax ready to be saved per couple. However, there are potential stumbling blocks as with most...

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9th October 2018

Tax Advantages of Furnished Holiday Lettings

Many of the recent changes in the taxation of buy to let rental businesses do not apply to property businesses that qualify as furnished holiday lettings. In particular, the restriction on deductibility of finance costs that started to apply from 2016/17 does not apply to furnished holiday lettings. It may be worth considering investing in...

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