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Probate Services

Our probate service aims to make the lives of bereaved families as easy as possible at a very difficult time. We take the stress away of preparing probate forms and inheritance tax calculations, and if needed we will collect in all of the assets and distribute the estate to the beneficiaries. At every stage of the process we keep the family informed and deal with them in a sensitive and respectful manner.

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Our Probate Services

We have been providing probate services for several years now and in that time have helped many families get through this difficult period in their lives.

We support bereaved families as much as they need so that they don’t have to worry about paperwork at a time when they’re often grieving.

Our Service

We provide a range of probate services. Each client can choose what services they wish to use, depending on their individual circumstances.

The main areas covered are:

  • Preparation and submission of inheritance tax and probate forms. This may include obtaining relevant facts and figures from third parties and calculating inheritance tax payable.
  • Collection of estate assets post grant and payment of liabilities, and then distribution of legacies and residuary entitlements per the Will or laws of intestacy.
  • Preparation of estate accounts and preparation and submission of tax returns for the period of administration, including 60 capital gains tax submissions for residential property disposals where appropriate.

Our Fees

Our fees are based on the time it takes to carry out the required work and we will always give an indicative cost at the start of the assignment.

The amount we charge will be reflective of the make up of the estate, the complexity of the case and how much work the executors ask us to complete.

Below is an indication of our starting fees for different cases:

  • Spouse or civil partner inheriting estate, assets limited to property and savings, no IHT – £1,500 plus VAT
  • Relatives inheriting, assets to be collected post probate and estate to be administered by us – £4,000 plus VAT
  • Large or complex make up of estate with multiple beneficiaries – £10,000 plus VAT

For a further break down of probate costs we also have a useful blog How much does it cost to get a grant of probate?


Our aim is to deal with probate services as quickly and efficiently as possible. That said there can sometimes be unavoidable delays.

When things go well we aim to have the forms submitted within four months of taking on the appointment. Once probate comes through which is typically 6-8 weeks after submission we aim to complete the estate distribution within 9 months, although it is often finished much quicker than that.

Completion of tax returns for the period of administration is guided by the deadline for the tax years concerned. Once the final tax year concerned has passed we aim to submit the return by no later than 31 October. 60 day CGT returns will be submitted within 60 days of completion.

Each probate case is unique and if you would like to talk to us about our probate services or would like a quote on the work you require please contact Jan Friend who will be happy to talk to you.

If you would like to know more about the probate services process we recommend you view the video below.




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