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Accounting & Compliance Services

We’ll make sure that you stay legal and pay the right tax; no more or less.

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What do you need from your Accounting Compliance Services?

Are you just looking for some one to provide you with accounting and tax compliance services?

Do you just need someone to prepare your annual accounts and personal tax return at the lowest possible fee?

If you are then we are NOT the right firm for you!

Friend & Grant Accounting & Compliance

We offer a high quality accounting-compliance service that can include the preparation of management accounts, year-end accounts and personal and company tax returns.

We are however far more than just accountants.

We are highly trained tax and business advisors.

Our Key Cornerstones

Our service offering is built around three key cornerstones:

  1. We want to be your trusted advisor. Someone you will turn to with any financial query and who you trust to give an unbiased opinion and who will always be there looking after your best interests.
  2. We want to be your GP with specialisms. Some who doesn’t just offer a brilliant accounting and tax compliance service but also a range of services to help you build and grow a great business, help you minimise your tax liabilities and keep more of your hard earned income, help you get control of your life and live the life you want and build personal wealth for you and your family.
  3. We want to ensure you are organised.  That you have your finger on the pulse of your business and personal wealth so that you are in control and we can provide the best advice to you to help meet your goals.

More than just accountants

If you are looking for more than just accounts preparation and need help in areas such as reducing tax, business growth, starting a business, cloud accounting,   payroll services  and much more then we are the firm for you.

Please check out all the services we offer and the businesses we act for.

If you like what you see please book a discovery meeting with one of the team.

We Are Registered Auditors Should You Require Audit Services

If you are a large business or charity you may require a statutory audit. Whilst this isn’t a big part of our firm offering we are registered auditors so we can provide this service if required.

Andrew Lawrence
Riverside Underwriting Ltd Maidstone

“I can’t remember exactly how I came across Friend & Grant, but I’m glad I did. I needed some urgent tax advice as I was exiting a company. Jan the tax partner, was just brilliant.”

“So when it was time to venture out on my own, Friend & Grant seemed the obvious solution to my accountancy needs. I started working with Andrew and Questor Insurance was set up in 2007. On our first day we sold 10 policies and I’m proud to say that we have sold at least one policy every day since 4 August 2007.”

“We’ve moved premises, now have 26 staff and have grown considerably in the past 11 years. Andrew has helped us with my three companies and is currently working on a group structure that is just what we’re after.”

“I couldn’t justify a part-time let alone a full time Finance Director for the first few years and so relied on Andrew, Jan and the Friend & Grant team to help me with anything financial. We built great systems, have our accounting in the cloud, and now we’ve a financial controller; Dale.”

“Dale and Scott (at Friend & Grant), work closely together on the day to day technical and compliance work. We outsource our Payroll to Friend & Grant because as an employer, that’s one thing you can’t afford to get wrong!!”

“I work closely with Andrew and continue to value the advice, support, pre-planning and especially the specific tax & remuneration planning. Friend & Grant manage my personal tax affairs and whilst I’m on the ball with money and understand what’s needed, I do need a few nudges to get my paperwork in on time. Perhaps this year I will be earlier…….”

Martin Marshall
Ecosse Motorcycles Ltd Aberdeen

Friend & Grant have been instrumental in the success at Ecosse Motorcycles since 2005.

  • First rate and unbiased support from inception at business concept through to delivery.
  • Multi-faceted support, no issues too small or too large.
  • Impartial and straightforward advice.  Take time to understand our business and industry.
  • Financial planning assistance has had a positive input on our overall profitability.
  • All Friend and Grant staff are customer focused and treat us like a highly valued customer.

Who is this for?

Our 3 step risk-free guarantee puts your mind at rest and keeps us on our toes!

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