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If you are looking to create a successful digital or tech business through software design, a subscription based or lead generation website, social network or an e-commerce site you are likely to hit a number of issues common to all internet businesses. Key is finding a digital accountant familiar with tech businesses.

The creation of your business will initially be labour intensive and could be for some time as you invest in the infrastructure and development of your site and software. Many hours will be spent on development and engaging quality developers. Financing is crucial and we can assist with preparing your business plan to attract funding.

You may need to attract a specific investor and we can assist with  EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) and SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) investments which are specialist tax schemes designed to incentivise individuals to invest in qualifying companies. As your digital accountant we can provide advice on these tax schemes and how to implement them.

If you are developing unique or innovative software you may be carrying out Research & Development. We can advise you about Research and Development tax relief and tax credits (R&D) and prepare the claims for you.

You may also need to lock your team in to your fast growing business. We can advise on share options and have implemented a number of share option schemes through the Enterprise Management Incentive scheme.

There’s even some special tax incentives for video game developers.

As cloud accounting software experts we can advise on all areas of the business. For e-commerce businesses we can help with linking your website through the initial sale to stock control and to the accounting functions. For software houses we can help with your quoting systems through to automated invoices and payment methods through to the accounting functions and much more.

We can help business owners who are looking to build successful digital businesses, but unfortunately we are unable to help IT contractors.

We work with numerous software development houses and e-commerce businesses and can provide recommendations on request. Talk to us about some of our success stories.

Mark Devaney
Surf Street & Effective Web Solutions

Building a Business Case study  

How do you choose an accountant to help you grow your business when you don’t know anything about running a business?

Sound like a familiar question you’d ask yourself as a novice business owner.

That’s exactly what Mark Devaney asked when he first needed an accountant. He didn’t know what that involved but he knew he needed someone who could help him. He hit the yellow pages and called a few on a Saturday; of course no one was in. He only left one voicemail message – Mark at Friend & Grant. Why? “Because he sounded like a real person rather than a stuffy accountant. As a young IT Consultant I was looking for someone a bit more dynamic.”

Mark met Mark; they got to know each other – they liked each other and over the past 19 years Mark has helped Mark (and his business partner Laura) on many aspects of his growing business and there’s now a strong trust bond. Here’s Mark’s (the client) story ….

“I knew my business and my market; I knew how to make money; attract and retain customers; buy and sell stock but that isn’t enough for long term success. I didn’t actually know how to run a business and I had no-one to help me. That is where Mark and the team at Friend & Grant became my virtual FD. I couldn’t afford a full-time FD but I couldn’t afford to be without one either. They were there to provide help and advice on how to plan, forecast and build a sustainable business.”

“Whenever I need to, at least twice a year, we sit down and simply talk through my current position, ideas and plans. I use my Mark as a sounding board. We also talk about my personal goals which motivate me to drive my business forward.  Mark gives me suggestions, and his team keeps me up to date on legal, financial or technology changes that could impact my business.  Without the help and advice from Mark and his team my businesses would not have grown as they have.”

“Whenever I have a new business idea, big or small, my first call is always to Friend and Grant for advice from one of the team.  That’s how much I value my accountant.”

Ruth Wiseman
Prohire Software Systems Ltd Sittingbourne

Since moving the computerised accounts from Sage 50 to Xero cloud accounting, I have continued to find Friend and Grant capable and supportive as I gain the knowledge on how to use Xero day to day.  Friend and Grant proved invaluable in my initial training, being careful to explain how Xero processed transactions and willing to check that I had set up the recurring invoicing correctly.

This proactive approach enables the direct bank feed to be operational, swiftly. The technical support and business advice and expertise from Friend and Grant made the decision to move to Xero simple and effective, improving the credit control process by 30%, within 6 weeks.

Our 3 step risk-free guarantee puts your mind at rest and keeps us on our toes!

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