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20th Jan 2020
graduates celebrating

How to Harness the Power of Alumni Networks

Making the Most of Alumni Networks. Whether it’s your University classmates or the colleagues you trained with at your first firm, we all have an alumni network.

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16th Jan 2020
calculation and coins

Construction Industry Pitfall Number 3: Cash Is King

Over the past 30 years we’ve worked with countless small and medium sized building and construction businesses. Many have flourished but unfortunately some have failed…. And cash flow is one issue which comes up time and time again.

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8th Jan 2020

Construction Industry Pitfall Number 2: Construction Failures are on the Increase- How Can I Protect my Business?

Unfortunately failures in construction are common place. In 2018 Carillion went down owing £7bn, bringing down countless other businesses. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid the collapse of a business.But there's actions you can take to reduce the risk

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6th Dec 2019
Tech start up

How Can I Keep Key Team Members in My High Growth Firm?

We're often asked this question by our fast growing clients. Losing a key team member could have a major impact on your business. One solution we love is the Enterprise Management Incentive Scheme.

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4th Dec 2019
ash burning

How to Avoid Business Burnout

Stress related workplace burnout is now recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an official medical diagnosis. Here are some tips to help to avoid burnout.

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2nd Dec 2019
Construction pitfall

Construction Industry Pitfall Number 1: Are Your Workers Genuinely Self Employed?

Are you really sure that your employees are self -employed? HMRC have a great toolkit to help you. If in doubt we can help

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28th Nov 2019
books in wooden book shelf

Our Top 10 Business Book List 2019

The Friend & Grant Top Ten Best Business Books for 2019. Whether you read, listen or watch we have some super suggestions for you….

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25th Nov 2019
girl looking at travel on phone

How to Manage Employees Who Have a Side Hustle

Side hustles are here to stay and they’re a good thing for employers. Employees with side hustles generally are more innovative, proactive and organised, but….

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15th Nov 2019
men on building site

Next Steps re VAT Domestic Reverse Charge for the Construction Industry

The delay in the domestic reverse charge VAT for construction services was welcomed by many in the Construction industry as it has given affected businesses another year to prepare for the changes. The changes have been detailed by us in a previous blog and will have a major impact on the construction industry. Here’s our plan to ensure a smooth implementation of the changes.

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