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Business Software Solutions

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Managing a business can be challenging, especially when dealing with complicated software or systems. Wasting valuable time on tedious or manual tasks can lead to frustration and trying to keep up with the rapid advancements in technology can become a real challenge.

Business Software Solutions Services

Our services are designed assist businesses in streamlining processes and optimizing efficiencies, ultimately using software as a powerful tool to drive profitability.

Our business software solutions team offer two separate services:

  • Everyday accounting solutions – Quick fixes for tasks that take up valuable time that could be utilised in a more profitable and efficient way.
  • Process & productivity review – A deep dive into complex processes and systems to identify ways to streamline activities that may have become increasingly manual or not fit for purpose over time.

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Everyday accounting solutions

Everyday Issues

Do you find yourself out working all day then coming home to work on the books? Spending evenings sending quotes or invoices? Or working your way through your invoices and bank feeds to check who has paid and who you need to find time to chase? Do you find it difficult keeping track of paper receipts or folders of documents?

Identifying the problem

Many businesses can pinpoint a problem that they would like to find a quick and easy way to fix, however they don’t have the time or the knowledge to enable them to do it!

Our everyday accounting solutions service provides the much-needed fix you need for the everyday issues that you encounter – which is often easier than you think.

Other issues can include:

  • Reporting – is this up to date or are you scrabbling for information last minute whenever you need it?
  • Sales invoicing or quoting – spending evenings manually creating and sending documents with no tracking system in place
  • Project management and profitability – how do you know what is going well and what needs tightening up if you have no idea how your projects perform individually?
  • Budgeting – are you able make a comparison between your budget and your actual spend?
  • Completing VAT And CIS Returns – do you find yourself struggling to pull together the data that you need and completing returns last minute
  • Cashflow forecasting – do you know how your business is performing? Are you missing an opportunity to scale your business by not understanding your cash flow
  • Bank feeds – are these linked to your invoices or software?
  • Payment services – how do people pay you? And how can you get paid faster?
  • People & payroll – How do you process time sheets and calculate holiday? Do you need to calculate and pay expenses? Do you manually process payments?
  • Processing expenses – are you manually uploading data?
  • Automation for payroll tax and suppliers – are you on top of all deadlines or could you automate payments for peace of mind?

This is in no way an exhaustive list, however it’s clear that there are many opportunities to implement a fix to ease tiresome processes.

How we work

Our everyday accounting solutions service involves a one-hour meeting with a member of our Business Software Solutions team. This can be done virtually or in person. During the meeting we work with you to understand your business, your specific needs and your current situation to enable us to identify potential solutions to benefit you.

Recommendations & Implementations

We will then provide a report of findings along with a summary of our recommendations and how they can be beneficial to you and your business.

From this point you can use the report as you wish and implement our recommendations yourself, or we can assist you with implementation, training, and ongoing support as needed.

Process & productivity review

Manual, time consuming and not fit for purpose

If you find the processes within your business are very manual, outdated and heavily time consuming you may feel that something needs to change.

Or sometimes your business has simply outgrown the capabilities of the systems in place and the information for your KPIs or to make important decisions for your business is just not readily available.

Often manual processes have insufficient reporting capabilities and in today’s world and a lack of integration between systems leaves room for errors which is far from ideal.

How we work

Our process & productivity review is a deep dive into your current systems and processes.

A member of our Business Software Solutions team will spend a day in your business with you and your team conducting a meticulous review of the current systems you have in place, breaking down each step with careful analysis.

We take the time to understand how your systems work for you. Our goal is to identify opportunities to streamline processes and enhance productivity. As the business owner we aim to provide you with greater control and visibility of your business enabling you to drive performance and profitability.

We want to know exactly what you need from your software and your ideal situation. We also incorporate your business future business plans and identify potential additional needs that may arise that your software and systems can support.

Recommendations & Implementations

Following the full review, we will schedule a de-brief meeting where we will present you with a full report of our findings. This will include our expert analysis and recommendations, along with a bespoke solution for your business. This will also highlight opportunities for savings in both time and resource for long-term impact on the efficiency and profitability of your business.

Our team can also offer an Implement, training, and support package to help you and your team to implement the solution, provide training and assist with maintenance of the new system with ongoing support.

Why would I need a software review?

Loosing time and money with inefficient systems, and working practices is not the best foundation for any growing business.

Accounting software reviews serve as a valuable resource for businesses seeking the right accounting software solution to alleviate the pressure placed upon them trying to work with disorganised systems.

What are the benefits of reviewing my systems and software?

Reviewing and implementing new accounting solutions brings numerous and long-lasting benefits to your business. Automating repetitive tasks reduces the risk of manual errors which increases the accuracy and reliability of your financial data. This in turn optimises financial management of your organisation.

Efficient systems not only give you peace of mind in the smooth running of your business but also frees up time for you to focus on strategic areas of your business enabling growth and driving profitability.

Regular evaluations of systems and practices also ensure that you remain proactive in adopting new technologies.

Identifying areas for improvement and exploring how technical advancements can assist your business can enhance accuracy, efficiency, and decision-making abilities.

Embracing change and technical advancement paves the way for long term success and a competitive advantage in a dynamic business environment.

Why Friend & Grant

The Business Software solutions team at Friend & Grant are experienced in working with a huge range of businesses, identifying opportunities to save time and implement streamlined solutions.

We have assisted over 200 businesses identify and implement cloud-based accounting solutions. With no two businesses the same we continuously keep up to date with market trends and products to help our clients to stay efficient.

We provide comprehensive evaluations and identify solutions that align with your business requirements and goals.

Our recommendations are based on streamlining your financial processes to enhance your productivity and support your business growth.

Our knowledgeable team are also able to assist with implementation and training of your staff along with ongoing support.

Getting in touch

Bradley Medhurst is the head of the Business software solutions and cloud accounting team at Friend & Grant.

Bradley specializes in cloud accounting software and is a Xero and Sage One Certified Advisor, and also a QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

Bradley and his team are passionate about keeping up to date with technological software developments along with the integrated apps available to enhance them. This knowledge is applied to assist our clients with adopting solutions to become more efficient and use their software to drive profitability in their business.

If you would like to speak to Bradley regarding your current software and systems, or if you would like assistance implementing or reviewing your current accounting systems and software options you can email Bradley or give us a call on 01634 731390 to see how we can help you to find the best solution for your needs.

Ruth Wiseman
Prohire Software Systems Ltd Sittingbourne

Since moving the computerised accounts from Sage 50 to Xero cloud accounting, I have continued to find Friend and Grant capable and supportive as I gain the knowledge on how to use Xero day to day.  Friend and Grant proved invaluable in my initial training, being careful to explain how Xero processed transactions and willing to check that I had set up the recurring invoicing correctly.

This proactive approach enables the direct bank feed to be operational, swiftly. The technical support and business advice and expertise from Friend and Grant made the decision to move to Xero simple and effective, improving the credit control process by 30%, within 6 weeks.

Paul Gostling

It’s my first year using Friend and Grant, and Darren has been brilliant. He’s been extremely patient with my many questions, making sure I do everything right, and has called and emailed on many occasions to make sure I’ve understood everything and that I’m happy. Setting me up on Xero accounting software is the best thing I’ve done for my business and I can already see how this is going to really help me and save loads of time in the future. Being able to do my accounts as I go should mean that I am ready to go straight away at the end of the tax year, without having to spend hours and hours going through everything – the time of the year I usually dread! The added bonus being that Darren can access my accounts any time and if I have any queries throughout the year we can sort them out rather than leaving everything to the end of the year. Darren’s personal service has been brilliant and is a weight off my mind when it comes to doing my taxes. I used to dread doing taxes and accounts and worry that I’d miss something important or input something incorrectly, but now I have a great source of help and advice at a reasonable price! Thanks, Darren and the team at Friend and Grant!


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