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Business Growth Services

Expert financial advice will accelerate your growth. Our flexible Virtual FD service has helped many business owners achieve their goals.

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Growing a business is hard work and keeping on top of everything can feel relentless.

From staying up to date with the industry, products, clients, and competitors you also need to run the business, manage your cashflow and keep the money coming in to pay your staff!

With so much on your shoulders it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day running of the business and much to easy to forget why you started and what you truly set out to achieve.

Whilst you may be able to juggle the needs of your business for a time, there comes a point where it becomes clear that something needs to change, and you cannot run a successful business completely on your own.

Business Growth Services

Our business growth services include a range of services designed to help business owners lighten the load of their endless tasks to enable them to drive profitability, improve cashflow and create the time necessary to enjoy all their hard work!

We tailor our services to the needs of your individual needs. From outsourcing your day-to-day accounting tasks to drawing on our knowledge and working with you as a strategic partner our services are designed to drive your success and business growth.

Virtual Finance Director

Most business owners feel they cannot justify employing a Finance Director, and in truth they don’t need one full time. It is however undeniable that most businesses benefit from FD input to help them to reduce tax, save time and build value in the business.

We can work along side you as a virtual FD helping you to actively manage your business.

As a virtual FD we can:

  • Provide quarterly management accounts and a clear overview of how your business is performing.
  • Come into your business regularly, attending board meetings and assisting you in preparing plans for the future and keeping your finance team on track.
  • Review your business goals and prepare re forecasts and carry out specific planning or financial modelling for you.

We also pay careful attention to identifying and minimising risks as well as advising you on ways you can build assets to increase the value of your business.

Business Software Solutions to drive profitability.

Our Business software solutions team offer several services to drive profitability and ensue smooth day to day running of your business.

We can support you with our Everyday Accounting Solutions service for the quick wins, or in-depth Process & Productivity Reviews for more complex systems.

Many businesses fall into the trap of sticking to what they know rather than making the most of tools available to enhance their reporting systems and keeping on top of the cashflow.

Our expert team can identify and implement solutions to meet your specific needs and we can also provide training or ongoing support to your inhouse team.

Business Planning

A dream without a plan is just a wish – which is why we believe a business plan is so important to growing businesses.

We are heavily invested in working with our clients to understand their vision and future goals, where they are now and importantly what they need to do to succeed.

We provide a full one to one business planning session, helping you to create a dynamic business plan, drawing focus to areas as required, identifying long and short-term objectives and setting clear goals and direction.

Ongoing Business Growth support

Once you have a plan in place it can be tricky to know where to start.

We can work with you as your strategic support partner with monthly or quarterly check ins/coaching sessions.

We will challenge you and hold you accountable to your actions and continuously revisit your business plan to make sure you are on track.

Growing your business

Making decisions for the future of your business is a huge commitment and its natural to feel hesitant.

If you’d like to understand more about what our business growth advisory involves you can join our business growth mailing list to receive invites to our quarterly webinars which are completely free with no obligations and full of useful and insightful information to assist you on your journey.

Taking you to the next level

If you have successfully achieved what you’ve always wanted and have now been left with an unexpected, strange sense of unfulfillment we can help you to break through boundaries and limitations and truly push you on to the next levels of success.

Successfully exiting your business

Or if you have already built up your businesses and are looking for an exit strategy, we can help you to plan your exit to maximise your return and protect your personal wealth.

Who will benefit from our business growth services?

Any one who is:

  • Frustrated about the levels of profits or feelings of slow growth for their company.
  • Feeling pulled in too many directions and confused over what to focus on
  • Suffering with a work life imbalance.
  • Feeling a lack of understanding of and/or confidence in financial plans and reports.
  • Feeling alone with no-one to share their ideas and bounce thoughts off.
  • Lacking a long term or any sort of plan beyond servicing customers or clients and jumping from one crisis to another.
  • Hitting the “now what” phase of business – you’ve done what you set out to achieve and don’t have a plan for what’s next.
  • Wanting to sell their business but without a plan to enable this?

As a business owner everyone will turn to you to solve problems in the business but when you need answers about how to achieve further success things get much more difficult.

Being a business owner can become a very lonely place indeed!

Why us?

We’ve done it ourselves!

With over 25 years experience on the front line both managing a business and seeing thousands of businesses succeed and fail we know what works in business and what doesn’t.

We are driven by growth and success and working with our clients and seeing them thrive.

Ready to take the next step?

If you are an ambitious business owner keen to take the next step in your business journey and you are interested in our business growth services, get in touch with us to book a discovery call to find out how we can work with you to drive profitability and freedom in your business.

Mark Devaney
Surf Street & Effective Web Solutions

Building a Business Case study  

How do you choose an accountant to help you grow your business when you don’t know anything about running a business?

Sound like a familiar question you’d ask yourself as a novice business owner.

That’s exactly what Mark Devaney asked when he first needed an accountant. He didn’t know what that involved but he knew he needed someone who could help him. He hit the yellow pages and called a few on a Saturday; of course no one was in. He only left one voicemail message – Mark at Friend & Grant. Why? “Because he sounded like a real person rather than a stuffy accountant. As a young IT Consultant I was looking for someone a bit more dynamic.”

Mark met Mark; they got to know each other – they liked each other and over the past 19 years Mark has helped Mark (and his business partner Laura) on many aspects of his growing business and there’s now a strong trust bond. Here’s Mark’s (the client) story ….

“I knew my business and my market; I knew how to make money; attract and retain customers; buy and sell stock but that isn’t enough for long term success. I didn’t actually know how to run a business and I had no-one to help me. That is where Mark and the team at Friend & Grant became my virtual FD. I couldn’t afford a full-time FD but I couldn’t afford to be without one either. They were there to provide help and advice on how to plan, forecast and build a sustainable business.”

“Whenever I need to, at least twice a year, we sit down and simply talk through my current position, ideas and plans. I use my Mark as a sounding board. We also talk about my personal goals which motivate me to drive my business forward.  Mark gives me suggestions, and his team keeps me up to date on legal, financial or technology changes that could impact my business.  Without the help and advice from Mark and his team my businesses would not have grown as they have.”

“Whenever I have a new business idea, big or small, my first call is always to Friend and Grant for advice from one of the team.  That’s how much I value my accountant.”

Apex Education Training A Case Study
Karen Maynard Dartford

4 ½ years ago, Karen Maynard started her company Apex Education Training; she wanted an accountant that she could trust and work with her from the beginning.  She found Friend & Grant on a Google search and met with Mark.  As Apex Education Training was a start-up business, Friend & Grant helped establish the right legal structure and got all of the accounting systems & processes in place. Karen was very pleased to get this help right at the beginning.

Karen says “I’m an organised person & I’m good at knowing what is happening in my business. I’m naturally curious and I want to know how everything works. But I know my limitations when it comes to accountancy!”

“When you start a business there’s so much to think about and whilst I knew my company, I was aware that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I relied on Mark to point me in the right direction, challenge me, help me and stop me doing something illegal or that would cost me a lot of money.”

“Mark has been alongside since Apex Education Training incorporated and with his accounting advice, help and support, it’s gone from strength to strength. The back-up team at Friend & Grant are great too – always ready to help when I have a question.”

“As my company continues to expand and develop, I’ll be working even closer with Mark to identify more improvements that I can make so my business continually improves, generates more income and pays less tax!”

Who is this for?

Our 3 step risk-free guarantee puts your mind at rest and keeps us on our toes!

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