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Building a Business

Expert financial advice will accelerate your growth. Our flexible Virtual FD service has helped many business owners achieve their goals.

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Financial Advice for Business Owners

Building a business is hard work. Not only do you have to know everything about your industry, products, clients and competitors, but you have to run the entire business, and that means managing money.

Lots of our corporate clients have built strong, successful businesses with our business support and financial advice for business owners. If you’re a startup looking for guidance, we can provide you with everything you need, from help with VAT to self-assessment tax returns. As an accountant for startups, we’re here to take the hassle out of owning a new business.

Wherever you are in your business journey, we can work alongside you as a virtual FD, helping you to actively manage your business. Most businesses cannot justify a full-time FD, and in truth, they don’t need one full-time. But all businesses would benefit from FD input that helps them to reduce tax, save time and build value.

From the start, we’ll discuss what your goals are, and we can prepare or assist you with a one-page business plan. We want to understand your long-term goals, what keeps you awake at night and what milestones you want to achieve in the next 12 months.

We’re a proactive source of practical ideas to grow your business. These are available to our clients alongside our monthly top tax tips that could save you money and reduce tax.

As a virtual FD, we can come into the business regularly, attending board meetings, assisting you in the preparation of future plans and keeping your finance team on track.

We can regularly review your business goals, prepare re-forecasts and carry out specific planning or financial modelling for you. We know some great people and are happy to provide appropriate introductions for a range of services to benefit your business.

We’ll pay careful attention to identifying and minimising risks, as well as advising on the many ways you can build assets that will increase the value of your business.

We’re here to provide accountancy and taxation services and work with you to build a successful company. If you’re determined to grow your business and would like to find out how we can help then call to book our 60-minute discovery meeting, and we’ll show you how you can turn a good business into a great one.

Mark Devaney
Surf Street & Effective Web Solutions

Building a Business Case study  

How do you choose an accountant to help you grow your business when you don’t know anything about running a business?

Sound like a familiar question you’d ask yourself as a novice business owner.

That’s exactly what Mark Devaney asked when he first needed an accountant. He didn’t know what that involved but he knew he needed someone who could help him. He hit the yellow pages and called a few on a Saturday; of course no one was in. He only left one voicemail message – Mark at Friend & Grant. Why? “Because he sounded like a real person rather than a stuffy accountant. As a young IT Consultant I was looking for someone a bit more dynamic.”

Mark met Mark; they got to know each other – they liked each other and over the past 19 years Mark has helped Mark (and his business partner Laura) on many aspects of his growing business and there’s now a strong trust bond. Here’s Mark’s (the client) story ….

“I knew my business and my market; I knew how to make money; attract and retain customers; buy and sell stock but that isn’t enough for long term success. I didn’t actually know how to run a business and I had no-one to help me. That is where Mark and the team at Friend & Grant became my virtual FD. I couldn’t afford a full-time FD but I couldn’t afford to be without one either. They were there to provide help and advice on how to plan, forecast and build a sustainable business.”

“Whenever I need to, at least twice a year, we sit down and simply talk through my current position, ideas and plans. I use my Mark as a sounding board. We also talk about my personal goals which motivate me to drive my business forward.  Mark gives me suggestions, and his team keeps me up to date on legal, financial or technology changes that could impact my business.  Without the help and advice from Mark and his team my businesses would not have grown as they have.”

“Whenever I have a new business idea, big or small, my first call is always to Friend and Grant for advice from one of the team.  That’s how much I value my accountant.”

Apex Education Training A Case Study
Karen Maynard Dartford

4 ½ years ago, Karen Maynard started her company Apex Education Training; she wanted an accountant that she could trust and work with her from the beginning.  She found Friend & Grant on a Google search and met with Mark.  As Apex Education Training was a start-up business, Friend & Grant helped establish the right legal structure and got all of the accounting systems & processes in place. Karen was very pleased to get this help right at the beginning.

Karen says “I’m an organised person & I’m good at knowing what is happening in my business. I’m naturally curious and I want to know how everything works. But I know my limitations when it comes to accountancy!”

“When you start a business there’s so much to think about and whilst I knew my company, I was aware that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I relied on Mark to point me in the right direction, challenge me, help me and stop me doing something illegal or that would cost me a lot of money.”

“Mark has been alongside since Apex Education Training incorporated and with his accounting advice, help and support, it’s gone from strength to strength. The back-up team at Friend & Grant are great too – always ready to help when I have a question.”

“As my company continues to expand and develop, I’ll be working even closer with Mark to identify more improvements that I can make so my business continually improves, generates more income and pays less tax!”

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