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Expert Chartered Accountants in Kent

Welcome to Friend & Grant, we’re expert chartered accountants in Kent who’ve been helping small and medium-sized businesses thrive for over 25 years. We specialise in proactively assisting our clients to build sustainable success with a comprehensive range of accounting and tax services.

Most business owners are too busy working on short-term goals to generate the profits necessary to create real wealth. Financial freedom can often seem elusive or even impossible, but our accountants in Kent are here to change that.

If you’re an ambitious individual with a new or established business, we can help you define your goals, structure your business, save on tax and manage your finances. We aim to give you the freedom of operating a profitable and well-managed business without the added stress, workload and expense.

Our Rochester-based accounting firm has grown because of exceptional service, innovative tax solutions and our broad range of high-quality accounting and business advice. We’ll help you to grow your business to build a better future.

Simply complete the free consultation form, and arrange a virtual meeting with us today.

Looking to change your accountant?

Changing accountants is easy. We’ve taken on lots of clients over recent months without meeting them in person –– everything can be done remotely. If you’re looking for a chartered accountant in Kent, we’re here to help.

Our Rochester-based accounting firm now services clients throughout the UK. We work across many different sectors and industries, from building and construction to digital and tech. We can also help property investors and developers to maximise profits and improve business strategies, regardless of their current projects.

We’ll help you save tax, save time and help you to generate wealth with our fantastic services, whether you’re just starting or you’re the owner of a long-standing business


Who We Can Help

With over 25 years’ experience, we are capable of handling the accounts of almost any small or medium-sized business, no matter the industry or area of specialisation. We’re also fully equipped to help individuals in need of assistance with tax or administering the estate of a loved one after their passing.

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Are you hungry for success? If you run a small to medium size business and you want to grow your sales, increase profitability and pay less tax then you have come to the right place.