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Building & Construction

Looking for an Accountant who specialises in Building & Construction?

Need an accountant to help you meet the challenge of creating your successful Building & Construction business?

Whether you are a firm of electrical contractors, a scaffolding company, a formwork company, kitchen fitters or general builders there are numerous specific problems you will encounter on a day to day basis. Having a specialist Building and Construction accountant will aid your growth and help protect your business.

In today’s world having an accountant in your corner isn’t enough. You need an expert!

  • Are your workers genuinely self employed or employed?
  • Are you aware of all the changes in VAT legislation specific to construction?
  • Are you running your CIS (construction industry scheme) scheme correctly?
  • Do you need to raise finance– do you know the right people who will factor your construction debts?
  • Is your business as efficient as it could be? Have you adopted cloud accounting to link all elements of your business from quoting to job costing to invoicing to collection and to your accounting systems?

Having an expert accountant who deals with hundreds of construction related businesses and understands the problems of construction is essential in today’s fast changing world.

Check out our video on “How can I protect my construction business”.

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If you are looking to set up a construction business or already are in business why not talk to us by requesting a discovery meeting.

Asbestos First Ltd R&D Tax Credits Case Study
Debbie Hales

Debbie Hales from Asbestos First Ltd, talked to us about her experience in claiming Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits from HMRC with our help. Here’s Debbie’s story….

“As a business we’ve recently transferred our accounting services to Friend & Grant and within 3 months of engaging with them they had helped me secure £13,000 in corporate tax savings by making a Research & Development tax credits claim.”

“My previous accountant had not mentioned anything about R&D tax credits and so we’d lost out on thousands of pounds! How I wish I’d known about this brilliant tax scheme years ago as we’re been developing innovative solutions in our business for years.”

“Mark talked about R&D at one of our very first meetings. He explained what they were and how they worked.”

“Whilst I knew it would be a little extra work to get the numbers together I knew that it would be worth it, so we jumped in.”

“First of all Slava came to see me, so I could show and explain to him what we do. He asked lots of questions so that he really understood our work.”

“We’d recognised that off the shelf ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) technology for the hazardous waste management industry wasn’t up to scratch. The legacy software couldn’t cope with planning, tracking and processing customer interactions neither could it be integrated into the regulatory bodies’ systems. So we had to design our own bespoke software to solve the problem.”

“Part of the development involved taking an off-the-shelf framework application that was capable of processing the datasets and developing this further to allow the integration into the wider systems architecture.”

“We’ve also developed a responsive interface for the ERP software making sure the compatibility of data between the old software and the new systems and allowing this to be synchronised with regulatory bodies systems. We were even able to claim for part of the project that had failed to deliver a result.”

“This was challenging. Extensive testing showed very promising progress in tackling these technological uncertainties and the development work continues.”

“Slava said to leave everything to him and a week later I received the project outline from him. He prepared the claim which was accepted by HMRC and a few weeks later we received a corporation tax saving of £13,000 for the year to 2017.”

“As the development work continues we’ll be submitting a further claim to cover this year’s R&D work.”

Debbie said “This is a great initiative by HMRC to help smaller businesses invest in essential R&D. Our development was essential, but knowing that the R&D scheme is available it will help us to pursue new R&D with more confidence.”

If you’ve had to work to solve a problem in your company then talk to your client manager or give Friend & Grant a call on (01634) 731390 and we’ll see if we can help you too. For anything to do with asbestos and preferably nothing else contact Debbie Hales.

Neil Mills
N Mills Brickwork Ltd Hempstead

Having been with Friend & Grant for the past 15 years or so I have found that they provide a friendly and professional service that has helped me move from a sole trader to limited company through good economic times and bad times.  I would recommend Friend & Grant to any company big or small.

Our 3 step risk-free guarantee puts your mind at rest and keeps us on our toes!

Bryant House - Friend and Grant Chartered Acocuntants and Tax Advisors

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