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The Alpha Group MasterMind

Developing you and your business to double your business inside 3 years.

As the Managing Director or CEO in your business, we know it’s a lonely place to be.

From the outside it looks like the easiest position – the least to do and the best perks!  – we know the reality is vastly different as we’ve been though the same experience. You can’t share your thoughts with the people below you in the business, as that doesn’t look right. Or with your fellow directors, as it makes you look vulnerable, or even with your spouse/partner as they don’t want you talking business when you get home and impacting your domestic life.

You are in a lonely position – but you need not be any more.

The Alpha Board is a place just for you. Surrounded by up to 20 like-minded CEOs who feel the same as you do. They know that they need a sounding board who understands them in a non-judgmental manner.

Think of it as a board of non-executive Directors assisting you in growing your business. You will also assist them in growing theirs. This is powerful stuff that works!

How it works.

The Alpha Board meet monthly and follow a strict meeting agenda.

We spend a few hours working on an aspect of your business as a group. Working on topics such as developing your business plans or sales and marketing strategy using a structured workbook. You come away with a tangible action plan which the group will hold you accountable to carry out before the next meeting.  Board members will hold each other accountable as they want you to succeed.

The second part of the meeting is the masterminding sessions. This is where we take a business issue from an executive in the room and brainstorm to come up with solutions for implementation. You get to ask clarifying questions before you then make suggestions. The executive must listen attentively to the solutions and select which course of action they are going to take. They are once again held to account by their board as they must report back at the next meeting on what steps they have taken and what results have occurred.

Our boards are no place for the faint-hearted – you must be willing to act if you want the results!

We would love for you to come and experience this for yourself at our next meeting, as we believe that this can help you and your business. The format has been used across the globe and has doubled and sometimes tripled the value of the business within 3 years for those who fully engage and follow through with the actions arising.

The Board Members all run or manage businesses between £0.5 and £60m turnover, so they are big enough to spend time working on the business not just in the business. Every board meeting is based on Chatham House rules – and we only have one business from each sector so that those in the room can talk candidly without giving anything away to a competitor.

We require your full commitment to the board and although you are not bound by an annual-contract (as we believe you want to be there, and we don’t need to legally lock you in) we know you will give your all, as you will gain so much from the board. In time, great bonds of friendship will form with your fellow board members as comrades on a mission.

In addition to the board, we offer 1-2-1 coaching to work with you on a specific issue outside of the monthly meeting. We are looking for other “regional directors” to run their own boards, if this whets your appetite.

If the above resonates with you then don’t hesitate to contact me on 0333 332 7008 or, it will be the best business decision you have made – I guarantee it.

Written by Martin Kingman April 2019

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