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How should I send my data to Friend & Grant?

As a client, we treat the privacy of your data very seriously and this is high on our list of priorities.

If we send sensitive information to you, this will be via our secure client portal. No sensitive information will be sent on an email to you from us. You will need to create a log in for our portal service, if you do not already use this.

You are also able to upload sensitive information to our portal and send this to us. Please click here for instructions on how our portal service works.

Our internal email system is secure if you continue to email us with information, however, please be aware that emails can be hijacked in transit. You are able to encrypt and password-protect your images and documents before sending them as email attachments, however, you will have to advise us what the password is separately, either via a different messaging service or a telephone call with the intended recipient. We would, therefore, suggest that sensitive information is sent to us using our secure portal for ease of communication.

If you wish to use our portal service, and are not already doing so, please advise us and we will open this service up to you at no additional cost.

To check our privacy notice on GDPR and how we use your data, please click here.

Should you have any questions on how your data should be sent to Friend & Grant, please contact

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