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Established Business Program

Thank you for joining us on this business program of videos specially set up for established businesses.

Unlike the other programs we have this one is a fairly eclectic group of videos which highlights many of the different choices you might be considering when looking at your next move.

To start of with our first video focuses on what is an established business and the many choices you have.



Our next video looks at how much your business is worth. This is always a difficult question to answer and whilst accountants and business valuers can  often give you a good answer it ultimately will come down to what someone is prepared to pay for the business. Profitability is important but there are so many other aspects to consider when looking at a business valuation. Buyers will be looking for a quality customer bank, intellectual property, brand awareness, strong cashflow, growth potential, a quality management team, great systems etc…



Our next video looks at both the buying and selling process and how we can help. If you are looking to sell the business don’t underestimate how long this process can take and how costly it will be. Not only do you firstly have to get a business ready for sale you then have to appoint an agent or determine how you wish to sell the business. Once you have a buyer you need to agree heads of agreement (the basis of the deal), appoint solicitors and deal with in depth queries from the buyer’s advisers (due diligence). If your business has a lot of value a buyer is going to want to ensure that the purchase agreement is strong. How consideration is determined is key, but there will be clauses in the agreement designed to protect both the vendor and the purchaser. Legal and accountancy costs can be significant. In addition how you sell the business is important from a tax perspective. Are you selling shares in a company or just the assets of the business?



Our next video looks at one specific way to sell a business- the management buyout. This is a great way to dispose of the business. If you think they can’t afford it well think again. Often there is a way of making a sale happen through some hard cash from the management team, some lending from a bank and then proceeds from the future profits of the business.



We have looked at the selling process but maybe you are ready to sell. As an established business you are probably making great profits. One key service we offer to our established businesses in tax planning. Not just in respect of the sale but how to minimise your personal tax liabilities and that of your business. Pre year end tax planning is a key tool which we use for the vast majority of our successful established businesses.



Most owners of established businesses have as part of their wealth portfolio property. Property is a huge part of our firm’s offering to clients with a strong offering of services to property investors and developers. Here is a simple example of how we help our clients to pass on property to the next generation and save tax



The above is just a flavour of the support we provide to our established businesses. Please explore our website and maybe have a look at some of our other business programs. If you have a profitable established business and are now looking to either sell your business, re-invent your business or just need someone to help minimise your taxes and build a strong working relationship with then why not call us to arrange a free discovery meeting.


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