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Business Growth Program

Thank you for visiting our Business Growth Program.

As a business owner you probably dream of building a sustainable profitable business. The two words “sustainable” and “profitable” are both key. Often we meet with clients who are generating good profits but are putting in incredibly long hours and cannot see a way forwards. They see their health and/or their family life suffering.

Building a successful business is therefore not just about profitability but also sustainability being able to generate profits year on year without necessarily having to put in huge amounts of effort.

The dream for most business owners is of course to create a business that is highly profitable but operates without your daily involvement in production. As business owner you simply steer the ship.

Understanding your goals and your vision of the type of business you wish to create is key. For some it will be a small business with good profits and maybe one or two people working for you and a fair degree of personal involvement in the day to day operations. For others, it will be the big business with big profits and a strong team running the show and with the business owner having little if any involvement in the day to day operations. If you are looking for growth, whatever the level, we can help.

In this free video series, we discuss a number of the ideas wrapped around business growth. This is just a selection of ideas and not a blue print for growth.

The first video looks at the three components of a successful business:

  • Uniqueness- what is it about your business which will make other businesses and individuals buy from you?
  • Demand- have you identified your target market and is it big enough to make your business a success?
  • Systems- this isn’t just about the software or systems of how you to do the work but building systems that avoids the trap of you having to work significant hours in the business. Can your business operate on a day to day basis without you?

In our second video we look at the four classic ways to increase turnover and drive growth using a simple formula:

The number of leads x Conversion rate x Average spend x Frequency of sales

In our third video we look at expanding on the classic growth methods by looking at other key ways to grow a business such as thinking big, the customer experience and building value in the business through intangible assets such as IP, your brand and systems etc…

The next video is called taking your business to the next level. This video centres on the benefits of cloud business and accounting solutions.

The fifth video looks at you as the business owner. How can you save time to do more and be more productive. The key to this video is that together with our cloud accounting video is to be able to free yourself up to be able to focus more time on working on your business.

Our final video is centered around building a team. This is a simplistic video looking at the many ways to start moving your business from just you to a team. Developing leadership skills and a cohesive management team to run your business for you is the next level and will require conversations far greater than that we can cover in this or any video series.

What we also haven’t looked at is marketing. There is so much to consider when building a business!

Your blueprint for growth

The bottom line is your blueprint for building a great business is unique to you. The important thing to realise is that this type of advice does not come as a standard service from any accountant. As accountants our usual role is to help you with the compliance work, preparing accounts and filing documentation with the tax authorities. Business advisory work requires a much deeper understanding of your business goals and objectives and substantial time spent on working with you to create your blueprint. We can help to get your mind set right, devise plans, set systems in place, monitor results, evaluate results and work with you to make the necessary changes to move your business forwards and grow your business. Therefore if you are serious about business growth then you have to be prepared to invest in this growth. How much are you prepared to pay for the blueprint for your business success?

So why come to us? Well, we have helped literally hundreds of businesses to grow over the last 30 years. We have built our own sustainable profitable business so if you are serious about growing your business please book up a discovery meeting with us.


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Are you hungry for success? If you run a small to medium size business and you want to grow your sales, increase profitability and pay less tax then you have come to the right place.