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Building and Construction Business Program

Thank you for visiting our Building and Construction Business Program. On this page, we have put together a selection of videos and links to a series of blogs we have written which all focus on the building and construction industry.

Our video and blog selection below is a sample of the information we provide to our clients. If you want to find out more about how to grow your business why not visit our business growth page.

To start with we would like to highlight to you a series of blogs which we have written which focuses on 4 key pitfalls many businesses face within the building and construction industry:

Pitfall 1 Are your workers genuinely self employed?

Pitfall 2 Construction failures are on the increase- how can I protect my business?

Pitfall 3 Cash is king

Pitfall 4 All about the tax

The above 4 are the pitfalls we see every day:

1) Getting the employment status of your workers wrong.

2) Not structuring your business in a way that will get you through the inevitable problems you will face.

3) Running out of cash.

4) And not keeping good books and records and getting into trouble with CIS and VAT.

Here are a selection of videos we have produced relevant to building and construction:

The first two videos deals with the classic question for construction and many other industries- are my workers genuinely self employed.

The problem:


The solution:


Our third video is a webinar we did on the reverse charge VAT changes to the construction industry which came into effect on 1 st October 2020


Our fourth video relates to most businesses but looks at the tax position re 4×4 pickups which are very popular with our construction clients.


Our fifth video looks at VAT for property development.

Property is an area fraught with potential VAT pitfalls. Many developers assume that property sales are exempt from VAT. This is the case for most residential
developments where an individual buys a house, does it up, and then sells it at a profit. The sale of residential properties is usually exempt from VAT. However there are numerous situations where sales are zero rated or standard rated. This results in opportunities to save VAT and pitfalls where the slightest error could result in additional taxes being due. This video looks briefly at some of the opportunities and pitfalls.


Our sixth video explores the many ways you can protect your construction business:

Our final video looks briefly at the Construction Industry Scheme. This video looks at examples of when the scheme applies and when it doesn’t. A detailed blog can be accessed  here


Building and construction, property development and property investment are a huge part of our business and as you can see an area fraught with danger and
massive opportunity. Unfortunately over the years, we have seen too many businesses in this sector in trouble. Getting the basics right, the book-keeping, a CIS scheme, the VAT is fundamental to success. After this comes a huge range of issues, the structure, your role in the business, marketing, pricing, contracts, forecasting, etc… With years of experience having dealt with so many building and construction businesses, we believe that we have the experience to increase your odds of success.

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