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Made in Britain

It may be surprising to you but many firms of accountants outsource their book-keeping and accounts work abroad. We are aware of a number of local accountancy firms who carry out this practice. We understand the reasoning for this as labour costs in countries like India is significantly cheaper than in the UK but we believe that this is detrimental to our country.

By moving the work abroad these firms have made UK employees redundant.

We believe passionately in employing UK staff to carry out UK work for UK businesses. Over many years we have employed many young people and trained them. As you will see from our current staff we currently have 8 trainees! In addition both Scott and Simon have qualified as Chartered Certified Accountants and both are now part of the firm's management team. We also have several other ex team members who we have trained who have gone on to join other firms of accountants or gone into industry.

Unless we keep the book-keeping and accounts production work in the UK young people will not have the opportunity to enter the profession.


We know that buying British is important to our clients. We are proud to say that all the services provided by Friend & Grant are MADE IN BRITAIN.