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IR35 Consultants in Rochester and Strood, Kent, in the heart of the Medway Towns.

Friend & Grant, Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisers, have developed a specialism as IR35 consultants acting for a considerable number of consultancy businesses throughout Rochester and the Medway Towns in Kent. The information below will help you to understand IR35 and how it will affect you, if you need any further information or guidance please contact one of our IR35 Consultants on 01634 731390. Also please visit our IR35 Centre on this website.

Why IR35?

The term IR35 relates to legislation intended to apply a PAYE and NIC charge on earnings from a company or partnership which is termed an "intermediary" by the rules. The rules mainly apply to companies whose sole fee earner is usually the director and whose income derives mainly from contracts which are consultancy based. The legislation looks to prevent the use of lower rates of tax on work which is regarded as "disguised employment", i.e. if it wasn’t for the existence of an intermediary company the contractor would be viewed as an employee of the company for whom he is providing consultancy services.

It is vital that you seek our advice on all aspects relating to IR35.

Understanding the rules and how they impact on your business is an area where we have gained considerable expertise. 

We will help you through the maze of legislation from:

Setting up your limited company.

Checking your contract of employment and advising you as to whether IR35 applies.

Advising you on the various ways to protect yourself.

Registering your business for VAT (probably using the flat rate scheme) and PAYE.

Setting up an effective accounting system for you which will ensure the complications of IR35, the flat rate scheme for VAT etc... can easily be dealt with..

These website guides are designed to provide you with an introduction to IR35. However, given the impact of IR35, it is essential that you seek our advice on your specific circumstances. Do please email us or call us on 01634 731390 we would be pleased to meet with you to ensure that your planning reflects the very latest approach to IR35 and all its implications.

Our advice will be designed to ensure that your planning is IR35 effective.

Please also visit our IR35 Centre on this website.