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27 common mistakes that right now are costing owner-managed businesses £millions each year

'FATAL MISTAKES' you must absolutely, positively eliminate from your business right NOW!

We see it every day. People making these fatal mistakes. And even if they are not fatal, they are having a massive detrimental effect on a business. It's not that the business owners are doing it on purpose. Of course not. It's just that these Financial & Marketing Mistakes are being adopted because people simply don't realise that what they are doing is having a catastrophic effect on their businesses.

Call it ignorance. Call it lack of knowledge. Lack of professional guidance. Call it what you like. The point is that almost every business is wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds because they're making these mistakes- without even knowing it!

Statistics tell us that 80% of businesses go bust during the first five years of trading. And of those that remain, 80% will not be in business ten years from when they started. That’s a scary but true statistic – especially when you think these figures don’t include the current difficult trading conditions!

The fact is the success and failure of any business is almost entirely down to how well the business is financially run and marketed – and not down to how good the product or service is – or the people in the business!

You may find this hard to agree with at present but in the attached report you will find the 27 most common mistakes businesses are making which is costing them £millions and more importantly the solutions which we believe will help you take control of your business and lead to truly amazing results. That’s the true purpose of this report. Identify what you’re doing wrong, put it right, and skyrocket the sales and profits of your business.

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