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Whether you’re thinking of setting up or running an owner managed business we believe we offer a broad range of business services to our clients which no other firm in Medway can rival.

We are not just bean counters, although we are rather good at counting! From our growth and startup pages you will appreciate that we are looking to provide more than just an accounts service.

Our ethos is based around:

  1. Helping you grow your sales and profits.
  2. Ensuring you pay the minimum amount of tax possible.
  3. Helping you to manage your business.

Our ethos is backed up by a broad range of business services which includes free access to the Business Growth System, one of the world’s leading marketing and business growth systems,  free seminar events on topics such as Social Media for Business, training packages for all the main accounting software packages including Sage and award winning online software, Kashflow and Xero.

When it comes to tax we will ensure that you are set up in the most tax efficient manner. Whether it is deciding your legal entity (limited company, limited liability partnership, sole trader etc…) or to review your remuneration package we will ensure you minimise your tax liabilities.

One of our most popular add on services is our annual pre year end tax planning meeting where we review management information to determine projected tax liabilities and then advise on ways these liabilities can be minimised- effective tax planning has to be done before your year end not after.

We will ensure you use the most appropriate VAT scheme and for startups and very small businesses we will ensure you take advantage of any VAT opportunities available. If you are paying significant tax we will explore with you all the legal routes to minimise your tax and be honest with you about the potential risk of any challenge from the Revenue.

Please feel free to explore the broad range of services we offer and then give us a call on 01634-731390 or complete one of the many contact forms on this site to arrange a meeting where we can discuss your requirements in more detail and create a service unique to you.