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Estate Planning

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes

Whilst we can’t make death less certain, we can certainly help to give you the peace of mind of knowing that no matter what life may bring, the ones you care for most will receive the maximum benefit from everything you have worked so hard to achieve and acquire, and importantly, hold onto it after you have gone.

The number of people who haven’t made a Will or some form of legacy plan is notoriously high and thousands of families every year suffer from sideways disinheritance. Assets meant for children or other beneficiaries are often diverted away from the desired inheritance line due to one of many possible events in life that will effect most families at some point.

Estate Planning is just one of those things that we don’t get round to or don’t give enough attention to.

The solution: Let us help.

We are members of the Legal Services Guild and have our own Barrister Intermediary, Jan Friend, so we can help you put in place a legacy plan that is tailor made for you and which gives you the protection and peace of mind you require.

Also, as your accountants we already know and understand a lot about your finances so you wouldn’t have to explain everything again as you would to someone else. In addition, as your business and finances develop and change, we can make sure your legacy plan reflects that.

It makes sense to let us help.

If making sure your loved ones’ inheritance is protected is something you were planning to do, or give a bit more attention to, then let us help.

Simply spend an hour or so with Jan to discuss what you want to achieve, let her help you consider those eventualities in life that could affect your plans and advise you on your options.

We won't charge you for it. 

If and when you decide to put a plan in place, just leave it to us!

Call or email Jan now to book your free appointment and let us help to get legacy planning off your ‘To Do List’.

When a simple Will is not enough to protect your wishes and a loved ones inheritance:

If you or your spouse were to remarry after becoming widowed.

If a beneficiary were to become divorced.

If a beneficiary suffered financial hardship.

If you suffered a loss of capacity.

If you wanted to avoid costs and delays for your beneficiaries.

If you want to mitigate generational inheritance tax.

If you want to be certain your wishes are respected and your assets remain with your heirs.

The list goes on.....