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For a number of years now we have stopped sending Christmas cards to clients and instead have made donations to a number of worthy local causes.

This year we have also decided not to hold a Christmas drinks bash in the office for clients. We appreciate that with Christmas fast approaching everyone is extremely busy and for many of you having a drink with your accountant is not at the top of your priorities! So this year with the money we would have spent on saying thank you for your business through Christmas cards and Christmas drinks we have instead made two donations of £500 each to the Friends of The Wisdom Hospice and to our local church, St Nicholas in Strood.

We are all aware of the fantastic work the Wisdom Hospice do and we have supported the Charity a number of times in recent years.

Donation to Wisdom Hospice

The picture above is Mark and Andrew presenting a cheque to Emma Dengate from Wisdom Hospice.

This year we are also supporting our local Church in all their projects.

         They support Strood Community Project which is in the High Street.  This is the advice centre for local people and helps them with advice re debt and getting people back to work etc..

         They are reorganising the Church space i.e. to replace pews with chairs and tables etc. so that more community organisations can have use of the church.

         They have a free drop in centre 2 hours a day for local people to go and have a chat and a drink etc..

         There are plans afoot to change the rear entrance so that the local Abbey Court Special School (for the disabled) can use the Church facilities.

St Nicholas Church

The picture above is Mark and Andrew presenting a cheque to the Revd David Green at St Nicholas Church.

We hope you will all agree that both are great causes and not too many of you will miss the Christmas drinks! As always your business is appreciated.

We are keen to support our local community in as many ways as possible and continue to support Strood United under 8's football team plus we work with the Medway Education Partnership and a local school to provide work experience for school kids.  Ongoing we believe that it is important for us to continue to support local causes  and we intend to increase our support over the next few years.

Finally we would like to wish everyone of our clients and supporters a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!