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We are delighted to announce that we have taken on another apprentice trainee, Melissa Harle, to join our team. 

Initially Melissa will be providing telephone and reception cover for Julie, marketing support as well as book-keeping for a number of clients. Melissa will be studying on day release for the AAT qualification. 

We are passionate about training our own people and Melissa will join our three other trainees, Daniela, Luke and Ashleigh. Of the current team Scott, Simon and Charlie have all successfully obtained their qualifications with us. 

Making sure that the work is done in the UK by local staff is important to us. You may be surprised to learn that a lot of accountants have subcontracted accounts, book-keeping and payroll work abroad. We believe this is incredibly short-sighted and damaging to this country and are committed to continuing to provide jobs for local people. 

You may also be surprised to learn that the costs of training your own apprentice can be surprisingly low. Funding for training is largely provided by the government. Also for the first year the minimum wage legislation does not apply and the apprentice rate from 1 October 2013 is just £2.68 per hour. As an employer you have the option to pay a higher hourly rate if you so wish. 

Please also be aware that for companies taking on an apprentice for the first time there are standard grants available of £1,500 per apprentice with further grants available from local authorities and other organisations for the long-term unemployed.  

If you would like more information about apprentices please contact Mark Friend.