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Welcome to the June edition. This month its World Cup fever for some, Wimbledon for others and hopefully some lovely warm lazy days for all of us. Lots of great information so let’s get started…

Don’t let the taxman ruin your day out with clients

The World Cup kicked off on the 14th June. All good fun for everyone but when you’re taking clients to sporting or other events then you need to make sure you stay within the rules as well as your entertaining budgets! Be careful what you spend, make sure you keep your records straight and the taxman off your back! In this month’s client addition of our newsletter, we have sent our clients a detailed article on the rules. If you are not a client then is now the time to get in contact with us a find out more about the services we offer? The number is 01634 731390 and ask to speak to one of our directors, Andrew Grant or Mark Friend.

This time next year….

On 18th June last year, we awoke to a hung parliament. Time flies doesn't it?

So, a question for you…. ‘Where will your business be this time next year?’ Not sure? Try these questions…

  • What do we want to achieve by year-end (12 months, 2 or 3 or 5 years’ time)? These are the goals.
  • Which goals have top priority?
  • What must you do to hit those goals?
  • What help do you need?

With time flying by so quickly it’s easy to let things drift if you don’t have any goals or targets to aim at or a way of measuring how you’re getting on. As we discussed last month a forecast plan is such a help when running a business. There’s still time to reforecast 2018 before the second half starts. Time to get the plan back on track. If you need help, then why not call us to find out how we can help you grow your business and hit your goals. The number is 01634 731390.

Another Thank you

At last, we’re on the final leg of our office refurbishment. It’s been chaotic, especially in reception, so a big thank you to all our clients and business associates for your patience and understanding. For new clients we look forward to seeing you in our refurbished offices.

When Peter Jones met Andrew Grant

We’ve all watched Dragons Den and are in awe of the big chap that sits quietly at the end of the row with his fancy socks. So, when our Andrew Grant had an invitation for a fireside chat with Peter Jones, he jumped at the chance. Read Andrew’s story…..

Keep improving

This month our focus is on getting new business clients. In the early days of any business, ‘any client is a good client’. And back then they probably were, but what about now…? Many clients grow with you, some leave and some stay although you’d probably like them to go as they’re just not profitable any more.

So, our recommended read this month is The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz. It’s also on Audible and is ideal for any business that only wants to work with the best customers.

One of Mike’s quotes we like is “Gross revenue means nothing when your receptionist makes more than you do.”

Receipt Bank – Saving hours of posting receipts

Alongside cloud accounting is the emergence of a huge number of great time saving apps that link seamlessly with your accounting package (Xero, Quickbooks Online and Sage Business Cloud are all compatible).

Receipt Bank is one of our favourites as it helps small & medium-sized businesses, sole traders, and individuals save valuable hours by pulling information from paper-copy receipts and invoices quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Our Business Support team are cloud accounting and App specialists so if you’re thinking of taking the plunge into digital accounting now then we can supply packages, training and support. Give Gavin Hooker, head of our Business Support team, a call now to find out how we could help your business save lots of time. The number is 01634 731390.

Tourism tidal wave

When Harry wed Megan, 2 billion people watched. We saw an amazing three hour advert for the UK; the sun shone and we (the UK) put on a great show. Tourists will flock here to see where it all happened but the effect will certainly spread into Kent. Visit Kent has just launched its summer campaign to attract visitors to Kent, but are you ready to take advantage of this opportunity?