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Quickbooks Cloud Accounting Solution

Quickbooks Online is the number one cloud accounting solution for small businesses worldwide.  It is a cost-effective business solution for small business owners.

Quickbooks Online have a range of add-on applications to connect with allowing for greater flexibility for your business requirements. By using Quickbooks Online you gain unlimited collaboration with your staff and trusted advisor. 

As an accredited Quickbooks Platinum ProAdvisor, our team can provide you with expert advice and support on using this online accounting package. By choosing Quickbooks Online you get:

  • Online invoicing - so you get paid faster than ever before.
  • Mobile access to your accounting records - anywhere, anytime on anything.
  • Free, automatic upgrades.
  • Free 24 hour support.
  • Up to 5 users at no extra cost.
  • No downloads, no installations, no maintenance and no back-ups to worry about - ever.
  • Low monthly subscription.
  • No upfront cost.

There are many benefits to switching to Quickbooks Online which include:

  1. Online bank feeds – Quickbooks Online can connect to a growing number of popular UK business banking services to automatically import and reconcile bank transactions. This means you don’t have to trawl through bank statements by hand to match transactions to expenses recorded in Quickbooks Online.
  2. Company Snapshot – get a clear view of the overall state of your business using the graphical dashboard which shows your income and expenses, all compared to the previous year’s performance. You can also see what you’re owed – and what you owe.
  3. Schedule repeating items – if you have expenses, invoices or other events that happen regularly, you can handle them automatically in Quickbooks Online. For instance, if you need to record a £1,000 expense for premises rental each month, you can set it up as a recurring transaction, then you don’t have to remember to enter it manually every time.
  4. Credit control – keep track of your outgoings by seeing exactly what you owe, who you owe it to and when payment is due. If you are thinking of paying a bill early, Quickbooks Online can show you the impact on your cash flow – making sure you can afford it before you hand over the money.
  5. Track real-time payments – track and view the status of any invoice, instantly – no matter where you are. Quickly identify invoices that are almost due or overdue. And if you change or reissue an invoice, the figures are instantly updated throughout your accounts.

Through shared access of the data, we can build a closer relationship with your business and can answer questions as well as running reports from real time data. This is particularly useful for identifying any potential cash flow problems early.

Our Business Support Team, headed by Gavin Hooker, are all Quickbooks ProAdvisors as are many members of our Accounts and Tax teams.

If you are thinking of moving to Quickbooks Online or want any further information, one of our team will be pleased to assist further. Contact Gavin Hooker, Head of our Business Support Teamhere or phone 01634 731390 today.

Quickbooks ProAdvisor - Silver