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Cloud Accounting

The use of cloud computing over recent years has changed how you and your business use technology. The cloud can give you on-demand access to your company’s data, documents and applications from wherever there is an internet connection. The cloud breaks the chain between your office computer and your business information.

With the cloud there’s no need to keep all of your files and applications on a single computer – no need to worry about backups, theft, data loss, support and upgrades. Instead, these are all taken care of by your cloud accounting system provider. This gives you peace of mind and means you no longer have to worry about what’s happening behind the scenes allowing you to concentrate on what matters most – growing your business!

Benefits of cloud computing:

  • Speed and efficiency – multiple individuals can process and access the data simultaneously, speeding up the rate of work.
  • Reliability – the data is browser based, so you don’t have to worry about it corrupting or your computer crashing, as everything is stored remotely.
  • Enhanced customer service – you can respond quickly when circumstances change with your customers such as sending out invoices and quotes electronically. Cloud accounting also enables mobile working ultimately freeing up time to spend with your customers.
  • Automatic upgrades – Cloud based software automatically upgrades, so you are always on the latest version. There’s no longer any need to wait for the upgrade to install or download.
  • Mobility – working in the cloud gives you “anytime, anywhere” access to your data.
  • Flexibility – as data can be accessed in real time, rather than waiting for a back-up from you, we can provide support to your business every step of the way.
  • Security – the data held in the cloud is protected by multiple layers or authentication and encryption, being more secure than your desktop server.

There are a variety of cloud accounting systems available to use, each one offering different add-ons to assist with running your business. We have partnered with Xero, Sage, Quickbooks and Kashflow as our preferred choice of accounting systems. Friend and Grant have a dedicated Business Support Department with expertise in each of these systems with knowledge of popular add-ons to assist with any issues you may have. Alternatively, you can outsource your accounting function to us where we will use a product that best fits your business to give you the support required.

We can also provide one to one training on Xero, Sage, Quickbooks or Kashflow. Training is carried out by one of the team from our Business Support Department either at your premises or our office. Please note that we do not charge travelling costs if the training is within 3 miles of our office, otherwise we charge £25 per hour travelling time. 

The cloud takes the stress out of computing and lets you access your business information seamlessly, securely and in real time.

If you are interested in a cloud accounting package, or require some additional training, one of our dedicated Business Support team will be pleased to assist further. Contact Gavin Hooker, Head of our Business Support Teamhere or phone 01634 731390 today.