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Redefining Success and 2022 Vision

9 June 2022
Andrew Grant
Structuring a Business, Building a Business

I’ll start this with the same thoughts that many of us all had back in early 2020, a vision of the world going just a little bit crazier every day.

For me it initially evoked an emotion of fear, of the anxiety of the unknown and what might happen, the day-to-day monitoring of numbers of infections, the responsibility to keep a team safe, the tenuous and treacherous emotional reliance I placed on the preparation of our government to guide us through the virus and the emerging clarity that came with half-baked solutions and a gaping chasm of guidance that came from the ‘solutions’ offered.

One thing is for sure, quite shortly after this fight or flight emotions kicked in for me and many of those I share a professional relationship with.  The power that comes from adrenalin is amazing.  Finding the solutions to seemingly unsurmountable problems, and not just those created by the virus but to long standing issues.  For us it was initially around the concept of supporting clients without face-to-face meetings and the ability to efficiently handle files utilised by many in an electronic format.  We solved a huge number of issues in a very short space of time and also managed to find the time and energy to decipher the government ‘guidance’ and support hundreds of businesses that rely on us.

Yet adrenalin and the necessity to survive have by now probably run out for most.  We emerge from the last two years in many ways fitter and stronger than we were before and with so much more clarity about what we need to do.

For me personally, much has changed over the experience.  To share a personal journey, I am now much clearer on not just how but most significantly why I do what I do.  As some in personal coaching might say, I found my why.

At a basic level we all need to sustain ourselves and our immediate dependants but there is a reason we do what we do, why we act in certain ways and what drive’s each of us.  For me, whilst you might imagine financial reward features at the top of an accountant’s mind, I became clear this is not what drives me.  Yes, I have a responsibility to provide structure and to ‘feed’ our team with a fair return on their endeavours but personally it became clear my why was to make a lasting difference to those I have the privilege to serve.

For this precise reason, we have been focused on providing simple solutions and guidance to the businesses we work with and are currently working on several educational and support solutions to best serve those businesses we influence.

I realised I have always sought to understand the people behind the business, to look to their future, not dwell on the financial results of the past, to understand the reason people do what they do and, in many instances, to see why they are often seemingly so far from the life they want to lead and the reason they started their business in the first place.

I often observe seemingly super-successful people who are clearly unhappy with the remarkable results of their business and conversely those with modest results who are satisfied and content individuals.

The difference for me is clear, the contented and happy understand their why and strive for it every day.  They spend time strategizing, planning and clarifying their thoughts.  They act in a planned and organised manner and most importantly they link their actions to their why.  They live it every day.

Part of the reason I am writing this blog is to hopefully get you thinking: Are you living your why every day or have you found yourself simply getting out of bed every morning and jumping on the hamster wheel simply because you now have to?

Do you find yourself blaming circumstances, those around you, your upbringing, the supplier’s price rise, the landlord’s extortionate rent increase or the government for their punitive tax hikes or lack of support for your business?

Maybe it is time to redefine what success means for you and your business, to harness the innovation and strength driven by the last few years and to learn what you want to achieve with your business. In short it’s time to redefine what success looks like for you and those you influence and to gain clarity on your 2020 (sorry 2022) vision!

We have a series of online bitesize events planned for the next six months that I’d like you to consider attending starting with one on 15th June titled “Redefining Your Success”.

If you are driven to make the remainder of 2022 work for you and make tomorrow count even more than today, click the link below and join me on a short 45 minute session to introduce to you some concepts and simple techniques that will make a lasting change in your business.

Hope to see you there:

The content in this blog is correct as at 9 June 2022. See terms and conditions.

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