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If you are then have you subscribed to the Business Growth Vault? If you haven’t then why not? It’s free! We have invested thousands of pounds to pay for it and provide it free to every client of Friend & Grant.

The Business Growth Vault is an online portal packed full of useful business development and marketing material.

In the Vault you will find everything from a marketing system for your business to articles on the principles of marketing or specific subjects such as how to write an effective press release or how to implement an adwords campaign.

In addition to this you get a monthly newsletter “MORE ESP, more enquiries, sales and profits for your business”.

In this month’s issue there are articles on the following:

1.    The thought that direct mail is dead will cost you.

2.    The 10 business growth laws- Part 1.

3.    You don’t need a website to generate leads.

4.    The value of persistence.

Still not sure then download “More ESP” here.

Want more? If you are a client then contact us here and we will send you login details.

If you are not a client of Friend & Grant then call us to arrange a free no obligation meeting and find out more about how we can help you save tax and grow your business.